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New Amenity Coming To A Tallahassee Hotel

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

General Manager Todd Middleton with New Self Pour Machine
General Manager Todd Middleton with New Self Pour Machine

What New Amenity is Making Your Tallahassee Hotel More Convenient Than Ever?

Most hotels have the same basic amenities. You might expect some amenities and hope for others. But there’s one new amenity of which you may not be aware. The Seven Hill Suites in Tallahassee has a self-pour wine and craft beer machine. The machine lets you be your own bartender, without having to do any work.

What Makes the Self-Pour Machine So Unique

The idea of a self-pour wine or beer machine is not unique. However, you don’t usually see the two machines together. Seven Hill Suites wanted to offer customers the chance to experience either or both. By featuring local beers, they also give you an opportunity to have something unique.

Tallahassee is well-known for its microbrewery culture. While you could head out to town to enjoy some drinks, why not drink it from the comfort of your hotel room? Better yet, why not couple it with a tapas menu? The hotel will be offering a tapas menu that has southern-style food.

There are many other great amenities at the Seven Hill Suites. For instance, you can satisfy your hunger at a complimentary hot breakfast buffet. If you need to cool off, swim in the pool. Although they may not be as unique as the self-pour beer and wine bar, they are just as exciting.

Your Tallahassee Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking for a unique and comfortable stay during your Tallahassee vacation, you should contact the Seven Hill Suites. The Tallahassee boutique hotel has everything you need for a great stay, including a self-serve wine and beer bar. Contact us to reserve your room today.

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